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Lindsay & Liz

September 29, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

On Saturday, I got together with my high school friend Lindsay.  We spent some time catching up (it had been a little over a month since we last saw each other), grabbed some lunch at Baker Square, took a much needed walk through a park near where she lives, and then collapsed into comas back at her place.  Oh, and we tortured her animals Jazz (cat) and Lila (leopard gecko).  We were way more amused than they were, as evidenced below.

Lila & Jazz by you.

Jazz by you.

Lila by you.

And then tonight, I got together with my high school friend Liz, whom I hadn’t seen since our Margarita night last spring.  She spent the summer working on art – charcoal drawings and watercolor paintings – at her cottage in Wisconsin.  We had considerably much more to catch up on, which we did over dinner at El Norteño, a great little Mexican place near where we went to high school.  After stuffing ourselves silly on chips, salsa, and enchiladas, we took her parents dog Loki for a walk, Liz showed me some of the art she’d been working on this summer, and we caught a little of the Twins game before I headed home.

All-in-all, a good couple days with good friends and lots of food.

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