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The Hold Steady at St. Olaf

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Andrew and I headed down to St. Olaf  Saturday afternoon with our friends (and old college roommates) Adam and Mel for a Hold Steady concert. After meeting up with Adam’s sister Emily and making some necessary purchases in the bookstore, we headed to The Contented Cow (know to most as simply “The Cow”) for some pre-dinner drinks while we waited for our other friends (Nate, Kim, and Ben) to arrive.

It was a little too early in the day  for us girls to get started, but the boys ordered some beers and we sat around on the comfy couches and talked for a couple of hours.  Before we left to meet our friends for dinner, we each did a round of shots – the boys and Emily did Irish Car Bombs while Mel and I did “Apple Pie” shots (and, just for the record, they did taste an awful lot like Apple Pie).

We had dinner at Hogan Brother’s, where Nate promptly “caught up” to us by chugging two beers.  We headed back to The Cow for more drinks, where we promptly did another round of shots (Irish Car Bombs and Apple Pie shots).  We decided to edge out the nice people near the couches, but it turned out that two of the people were the owners of that fine establishment and we ended up striking up a conversation with them instead.  They were very nice, but I’m not entirely sure they appreciated our antics.

Andrew bought me two more shots and Nate stupidly challenged me to a drinking contest.  I say “stupidly” because he wanted me to try to take my shot faster than he could chug his beer and the winner would by the other a drink.  When I accepted and won,  he promptly offered a double or nothing deal on the same drinking contest.  I don’t think anyone will be shocked to find out he lost again, and afterwords we convinced him to buy everyone another round of drinks, at which point we realized we needed to get back up to campus soon.

Needless to say, we forgot to pick a sober driver and we had to call a cab to get us back to St. Olaf.  We forgot to have them send a van, so we ended up cramming 7 people into a car.  I was the lucky one that got to ride laying across the four guys in the back seat and it reminded me a bit of my good ‘ol college days.

The concert was fun, despite the obnoxious people.  First there was the big, sweaty “ogre” that Nate almost got into a fight with.  Oh, and let’s not forget the crowd-surfers, one of which fell on top of me.  Adam lost the really nice flask that Ben had borrowed from a friend (now would be a good time to mention that St. Olaf is a dry campus, hence the need for it in the first place) at the security checkpoint when it slid from his crotch down the leg of his pants.  After Nate hunted down the person who had confiscated it, Adam fought with some chick on a power trip to get it back after the concert (she gave it to him because she “didn’t know what else to do with it”), and then we all piled back into the same taxi (the driver seemed less entertained by us the second time around) and we concluded the evening with 3 extra large Gyro pizzas from Basil’s.

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