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The X-Files

I have been obsessed with The X-Files since the 7th grade.

You might think I’m joking, but I assure you I am not.

I started watching during the 4th season (the first episode I ever saw was “El Mundo Gira”) and was instantly hooked. As each new episode (and the old ones I hadn’t seen) aired, I would record them for posterity. Yes, that’s right – my beloved VCR was set to record every Sunday night.

Thank God they invented DVDs or my husband would be seriously upset over the sheer number of VHS tapes I acquired over the years and conveniently would have unveiled after we got married. If it weren’t for the invention of the DVD, I think our wedding vows would have needed to include a line after “in sickness and in health” about my obsessive nature toward and uncontrollable hoarding of all things X-Files.

Even still, the DVDs combined with all of my miscellaneous X-Files paraphernalia (magazines, dolls, trading cards, books, calendars, etc) is enough to drive my husband mad.

Anyway, back to the show…

I have only seen the episodes from the first few seasons and the last two seasons a couple of times each, while I have seen the episodes from the middle seasons (4-7) at least half a dozen times each, if not more.

I think it is safe to conclude that the middle seasons are my favorite.  While the early episodes were very good and really set the tone for the show, I  found the middle seasons to be a perfect balance of the spookiness of the first three seasons with just the right amount of humor sprinkled in. The show was still very true to itself – the comedic parts just added a little extra something to the episodes.

Take for example the episode “Arcadia,” in which Mulder and Scully (who will, for the remainder of this post, be lovingly referred to as Mully or Sculder) go undercover as a married couple to investigate several disappearances at an idyllic planned community.

Or how about “X-Cops”? Sculder is followed documentary-style by a ‘Cops’ camera crew as they investigate a supernatural monster on the streets of Los Angeles.

Oh, and we can’t forget “Hollywood A.D,” where an X-File becomes the plot of a Hollywood movie, but Sculder finds their case — and themselves — distorted on the big screen.

Don’t get me wrong – all of the episodes from the middle seasons are not like this. Many of them are still very true to the tone set in earlier seasons. But there are a few gems, such as the episodes described above, that definitely rely more on their comedic parts.

Basically, the point of all of this is to stress a) how obsessed I was and, let’s face it, still am with the X-files and b) how excited I am to go back and watch all of the episodes in chronological order.  I am really looking forward to falling in love with the show all over again. Oh, and getting the opportunity to drool over David Duchovny on 176 separate occasions.  Of course I wish it were for 201 separate occasions, but I guess I will be happy with what I get.

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