About Me

This is my husband, Andrew, and me. We met my junior year (his senior year) of college in 2005, and we have basically been inseparable ever since.  On May 19, 2006, Andrew proposed to me on the picturesque Stone Arch Bridge on a day when I would have least expected it – I was in the cities studying for finals.  Thankfully I passed all of my final exams and graduated from St. Olaf with a degree in Psychology and then flung myself head first into planning our wedding.

This is our cat, Lucky Josephine, also affectionately known as Lucky J, LJ, Luck Luck, the Luckster, Baby Girl, and Mr. Kitty (you can thank Andrew for that one).  She joined our family in January 2007 when we thought we had mice in our apartment.  She is a total sweetheart and is darn near sainthood status in our household, even when she is being naughty (which, honestly, is quite a bit).  In May 2007, we discovered she is a “special needs” kitty who, due to teeth and gum problems, may very well have no teeth a few years from now.  We love her anyways.

Andrew and I were married on July 14, 2007.  It was such an awesomely wonderful day.  It was more than we could have ever hoped for, and we will cherish those memories forever.  It was the best day of our lives thus far.

On the Sunday after the wedding, we left for our honeymoon in California. I think I’m going to use the phrase “awesomely wonderful” again, because I just can’t come up with any other words to describe it.  We spent a week sight-seeing in San Francisco, surfing in Santa Cruz, and wine tasting in Calistoga.  We had an absolute blast.

Now flash forward two years.  We are happily settled into our very first home and getting used to the demands of life as an adult.  Andrew is an actuary at a major health care/health insurance company and I am moving into my new role at as a Credit Ops Specialist at a bank.  In our free time, we love to go biking and workout together.   That is, when Andrew’s not busy studying and taking tests for his job.  So while he is otherwise occupied, I enjoy curling up with a good book (and my favorite furry friend) and putting my kitchen to good use baking tasty treats.  You can read about those adventures here.

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