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The Essence of Eating

September 21, 2009 Leave a comment

We bought a nice dining room set shortly after we moved into our house.  The previous set we had was 1) old (it came from the first apartment my husband had after he graduated from college), 2) cheap (from Walmart), 3) ugly (a wood top with metal legs and uncomfortable metal chairs) and 4) really did not fit in the formal dining room my husband spent hours working on.  He decided, in addition to painting the room after we moved in,  to also put up chair rail which added a nice elegant touch to the room, as seen below in the after photo (the before picture was taken by the previous owner and was therefore furnished with their furniture).

The Dining Room by you.

More recently, we got ourselves into the bad habit of eating dinner downstairs in front of the TV.  I don’t know how it happened – it just sort of did.  It was easy and fun to sit down and watch an episode of something while we ate.  Often times, it was the only chance we had to sit down and watch TV.

But, starting last week, we broke the cycle and we have successfully ate dinner in our dining room for the last 7+ days and we will probably continue the tradition.  Sure, there will probably be a random night here and there that we decide to eat in front of the TV but, rest-assured, most evenings we will eat where we are meant to (unlike tonight, when I had to eat standing in the kitchen because I was busy making these bad boys).

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