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Organizing the Storage Room

January 3, 2010 Leave a comment

The area under the stairs in the basement is our long-term storage. It’s where those items we don’t need to access on a daily, or even a monthly, basis are kept.  Ice skates, rollerblades, our fancy wedding china, Halloween and Christmas decorations, and childhood memorabilia all have a home here.  A lot of the boxes in the closet were ones we never even bothered to unpack after we moved.

My biggest pet peeve down there is the boxes themselves. They are all different shapes, sizes, and colors and I don’t like the feng shui of it all. In order for it to feel (and look) neat and tidy, I wanted everything to be in perfectly proportioned identical (PPI, for short) boxes.  I acquired a dozen of those several months ago, so I was all ready to go.

The next step was unpacking the hodge podge of boxes so I could figure out what exactly we had. I sorted everything into the new boxes in a very orderly fashion.  Photos and trinkets  got their own box, as did the Christmas and Halloween decorations (respectively of course – can’t combine those holidays, though I swear the stores do these days). The china, which was in nice dinnerware protectors, also got put into boxes to condense it all down.  Old home videos went in another box as did all of the miscellaneous power and electronic cords and gizmos.

The last step, before putting everything back in the closet of course, was labeling the boxes. Everything is properly labeled now, so we don’t have to paw through all the boxes before we find the one that we want. The short wall, which I have dedicated to kitchen miscellany, has a few items that are not in the designated PPI boxes, but I have it arranged in such a way that will not drive me nuts and throw off the feng shui of the closet.

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