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Riding in Style

October 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Ever since we moved into our house, we have become biking enthusiasts.  We live 5 miles away from a chain of 3 lakes.  In the summer, we going out biking practically every day, weather permitting.  We agreed that, since we biked so often, we would eventually like to invest in nice road bikes.

Getting new bikes wasn’t planned for the immediate future but, after my bike got stolen from our garage in late July, it became a priority.  I ended up getting my new road bike in early August and the plan was to wait until next year to get a new bike for Andrew.

63/365 by you.

Well, plans change.  Andrew ended up finding out he could get a a nice road bike from a bike rental place in Uptown for a really decent price.  He didn’t end up pulling the trigger until he got a surprise bonus at work.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t pick it up until after the season was over (late September/early October).

We hoped it would be ready in time for our upcoming long weekend and, while it was, the weather in Minnesota has taken a turn for the worse and it doesn’t look like we’ll make it out again this year.

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