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Reliving the Good ‘ol Days

November 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Back in high school, sleepovers were a regular occurrence with my group of friends.  We would usually have them at Lindsay’s house, sometimes at mine or Joan’s to mix things up, and occasionally at Tracy’s house. We would watch movies, eat snacks, and stay up really late (sometimes as late as 3 or 4  in the morning).  While we never drank or did drugs, we did occasionally get into a little trouble.  There are 4 instances  in particular that immediately come to mind:

1) We were spending the night at Lindsay’s house one Halloween and we decided to sneak out of the house and cut down a plastic penguin that hung from a tree, year round, at a house in the neighborhood. We waited until after her parents went to bed, we sneaked out of  the house, and made our way to the house where we successfully cut the penguin down (I still have a scar on my ankle from when I accidentally slipped down the wet hill). However, on our way back home, Lindsay’s dad, who had heard us leave and came looking for us in the car, intercepted us and sent us straight home.  He was pretty mad.

2) Once when we stayed at Tracy’s house, we decided to go TP someone’s house.  I don’t remember how we chose our victim.  As we were finishing our work, I stumbled upon some bags of warm, smelly grass clippings at the end of the driveway.  Jackpot.  After sprinkling them all over the driveway and sidewalks, I shoved a bunch in between the front door and the storm door.  I  finished the job by filling their mailbox, making sure to flip up their mailbox flag before we left.  You’ve got mail!

3) New Year’s 1999 we had a sleepover at my house. If you remember, that was when everyone was panicked over Y2K. Nobody knew what was going to happen, so when the clock struck 12 and the power went out at my house, we all screamed. Turns out it was just my dad playing a joke on us and all was well in the world.  We were feeling antsy after that, so my dad agreed we could all go out and TP the house of my neighbor (and friend of the family) Randy, who lived at the other end of the block.  We set out and, of course, we were giggly.  My dad, who came with us, told us we needed to be quiet or we’d turn around and go home.  We all quieted down, and began our work. What we didn’t know, and soon found out, was that my dad brought a bunch of M80’s (large firecrackers) along.  So, while we were instructed not to make a peep, he started setting them off outside Randy’s house.  The neighbor next door burst out of his house, mistaking the blasts for gunshots.

4) After our last day of Junior year, our catch phrase became “We’re seniors…holy shit!”  We, of course, celebrated with a sleepover (at Joan’s, I think).  At one point in the evening, we decided it would be fun to drive my car on senior circle, a small circular patch of grass in the parking lot that the seniors parked around. (Oddly enough, the school got rid of it during some major renovations to the school and we never got to park around it).  Our new favorite inside joke became “Look, we’re on senior circle!”  Afterward, since that wasn’t enough fun, I drove my car around on the precious Guido Kauls Soccer Field. The event became known as “dandelions” because, when I got home the next morning, I noticed I had grass and dandelions stuck in my front license plate.

Our crazy group, Christmas 2001
Top Row: Briana, Lindsay
Middle Row: Liz, Sarah, Joan, Jessi
Front Row: Me, Tracy

Since Andrew was up North hunting this weekend, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have the girls over to relive one of our favorite activities in high school.  Unfortunately, due to two girls living out of the country and conflicting work schedules, only 3 girls were able to make it last night – Liz, Lindsay, and Natalie.  It was a pretty laid back evening: we ate some snacks, watched YouTube videos, got visited by my dad (in the words of Lindsay, “It wouldn’t be a sleepover without the parents checking in on us”), watched movies (Wallace & Gromit:  A Close Shave and Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone), caught up on each others’ lives, and then went to bed relatively early (around 1:30am).

While it wasn’t a typical sleepover in the sense that everyone slept crammed on the floor in one room (hey, we’re getting old and prefer to sleep on comfy surfaces!), it was still a lot of fun.  It brought back a lot of great memories from high school with a group of wonderful girls who played an influential role in the person I am today.


Our still crazy group, Christmas 2007
Top row: Me
Middle row: Briana, Lindsay, Sarah
Front row: Natalie, Joan, Jesus, Liz

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