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Life Insurance

September 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Andrew and I have been meaning to get life insurance since we go married, but especially since we bought our house last July.  I always had this belief that life insurance was for old people, but it really makes sense for us to have it now to protect each other if (for some reason) something did happen to one of us.  The last thing one of us would want to deal with on top of death is losing the house.

We met with Dave from Thrivent last month to talk about our options and go over the costs of those options.  I was surprised by how affordable life insurance is.  Well, for me.  Andrew is quite a bit more expensive due to his smoking, so we will get a shorter term policy for less money for him until he kicks the habit.

This morning the nurse came to our home to do the medical portion of the process.  She took our measurements (height and weight), as well as blood and urine samples.  After going through a lengthy questionnaire, we were done.  I was a little surprised/disappointed they didn’t ask us anything about our exercise habits because we exercise regularly (normally 3-4 times a week and more often than that in the summer) .  I would think that would be important, but I guess not.

Once we get the results (in about a week), we will know which level of insurance we are qualified for (Regular, Preferred, or Super-preferred) and we will meet with Dave one more time to officially finish the process.

09/18/2009 Update: We got the results back and they were as expected.  I am Super-preferred and Andrew is preferred (the highest level you can be as a smoker).  We will be setting up a meeting with Dave soon to finish the process.

10/07/2009 Update: We met with Dave tonight to sign our paperwork and now we officially have life insurance!

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